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The goal of Caritas Korea is to build a genuine community filled with Christian justice and love where the neglected and poor can lead decent lives in a caring society with the divine right of self-respect regardless of faith or beliefs.

Caritas Korea works in the fields of emergency response, development cooperation and DPRK Program. Since 2006, Caritas Korea has been the facilitating partner of the Caritas Internationalis for the DPRK Program. Caritas Korea continues to provide humanitarian aid and services to the people of North Korea on behalf of the 164 Caritas member organizations.

Structure & History

  • 1975 Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea established Caritas,
    formally known as “The Human Development Committee”
  • 1976 Became a member of Asia Partnership for Human Development (APHD)
  • 1977 Lenten Campaign started
  • 1978 Diocesan Caritas vitalized
  • 1979 Became of member of Caritas Internationalis
  • 1984 Charity Sunday Collections began
  • 1991 Nationwide Sunday Collection for Overseas Aid started
  • 1993 Official overseas aid started with Caritas Sunday Collection
  • 1995 Aid to North Korea started
  • 2004 Focus region program in Bangladesh started
  • 2005 Agricultural development project in North Korea started
  • 2006 Focus region program in Sri Lanka started
    Mandated as CI DPRK Program facilitating partner
  • 2010 Registered to Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Caritas Korea International”
  • 2012 Bishop Lucas Kim was appointed as President (present)

Contact Us

Caritas Korea
- Address: 74, Myeonmok-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 04918, Korea
- Phone: (+82) 2-460-7637(~8), Fax: (+82) 2-460-7617
- Email: caritaskr@gmail.com