Caritas Korea’s development cooperation program aims to empower the people in structural poverty and enhance their capability for their livelihood and development in integral and participatory approach.
For the effective and professional development cooperation program, Caritas Korea works with capable local organizations such as local Caritas organizations which facilitate their programs and services to the root communities in poor and marginalized situation.

Education Projects

Support for primary education in Nepal, Afghanistan, Burundi

Food Security - Agricultural Development/Water Projects

Sustainable agriculture and water development in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pan-Asia(13 Asian countries)

Health & medical projects

health projects of Iraq Family & Child Support & dental service project for Palestine children

Rehabilitation of disasters·war/conflicts

Rehabilitation of Haiti Earthquake, Sri Lanka war, Syria conflicts and support for Myanmar refugees

Empowerment of vulnerable people
- Women, Children and People with Disabilities

Support for people with disabilities, Anti-trafficking of Women and Children in Asian countries, Empowering Women in agriculture & support for nutrition centre for children in Ethiopia

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